Brendan Nee

Brendan has been playing with the web for so long he can remember when Netscape was king and the blink tag rocked his world! He loves cities, traveling to cities, biking around cities, and mapping cities. When he’s not goofing off, he’s solving problems using web-based technologies. He’s excited about maps, open data, transportation systems, and disruptive web apps.

Ruth Miller

Ruth has been hacking and coding since 7th grade. She went to MIT to study computer science, but ended up majoring in city planning. Then she went to UC Berkeley for a masters in city planning, and ended up getting reacquainted with programming. She is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and more than proficient in the exquisite art of GIS. She loves ramen, maps, VMT, and typography. Above all else, Ruth fights for the user.

Trucy Phan

Trucy Phan

Developer and Designer
Trucy is an engineer, front-end web developer, graphic designer, and project manager who also enjoys baking and teaching people Swedish. Previously, Trucy studied Mechanical Engineering at The University of Iowa and Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley, worked at LBL and most recently attended Hacker School. She can code, design and handle just about anything else thrown at her.


Steve Bice

IT Magician
Steve has always been fascinated with computers, electronics, and what they can do to further human progress. This has led him to pursue a number of research and education positions including IT Technician at the University of Minnesota’s Earthquake Research (MAST) Laboratory, and as an Instructor of 3D Design at iDTech, a tech camp for High School students. Steve also contributes to a number of non-profit organizations with goals in art, education, and research.


Sarah Kathleen Peck

Graphic Designer
Sarah has been designing gardens, quilts, and spaces for as long as she could carry a shovel and dig dirt. A graphic designer, writer, landscape architect, and artist, Sarah followed her passion for gardening, people, and place-making to pursue her MLA from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design with a focus on understanding city planning and landscape urbanism. Sarah loves living in and exploring cities and the places people inhabit. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but works on projects throughout the country. When she’s not designing, she likes to explore cities and habitats through biking, walking, and trying out new bus routes.

Morgan Ashley

Morgan Ashley

Social Media Manager, Front End (in) Development
Morgan is a Jill of all trades. When she’s not busy keeping an eye on the latest transportation trends, traveling to desert festivals, drawing cool ornate skulls, hula hooping, and whipping up classy cocktails at Plant Cafe on Pier 3, she’s learning about how to make websites awesome and more about the blink tag.


Devin Nee

Sound & Video Engineer
Devin is a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a BA in theatrical sound and lighting design. He has designed scenes, sets, lighting, and sound for nine plays at UW-Parkside and innumerable other community productions. Devin tackles audio and video components of BlinkTag projects.

Caroline Dickie

Caroline Dickie

Lady Bloga
Although Caroline studied International History both at Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and at the London School of Economics, she has a fierce love of all things modern and tech related. She helps out with blogging, tweeting, and copyediting. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring San Francisco, and learning more about the wonderful world of web development (www).

Julie Rajagopal

Julie Rajagopal

Product Pro
Julie received her degree in Film, Video, and Media Studies from the University of Michigan. When she’s not blogging her way around the world, she’s busy marketing products, building online communities, and covering the office in faux fur. Julie is also in the process of creating a Barbie Doll chandelier that will put all other Barbie Doll chandeliers to shame.


Brandon Martin-Anderson

Software Developer, Maps & Transportation Systems Guru
Brandon is a freelance software developer specializing in systems supporting alternative modes of transportation. He’s done a lot of cool things with maps.

Jedidiah Horne

Co-Founder (Emeritus)
Jed is probably the best Ms. Pacman player you’ll ever meet, and definitely the best Ms. Pacman player ever to have driven the Mexico City subway. At MIT, Jed’ spent his time hosting a popular radio program and writing movie reviews for its student-run newspaper (and picked up a little engineering knowledge along the way). He’s worked as a commercial real estate research analyst for Newmark Knight-Frank, studied city planning and transportation engineering as a graduate student at UC Berkeley, and now works Apple Computer. He is no longer directly involved in BlinkTag’s operations. Jed developed a taste for gambling in his native Big Easy, and tries to sneak trips to Reno whenever possible.