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BlinkTag makes technology easy for city and transportation planning professionals.


We are city planners, web developers, transportation engineers, graphic artists, social media managers, and interaction designers.

BlinkTag uniquely understands the structural barriers separating communities from public resources, as well as the challenges public agencies face in reducing those barriers, because many of our technical staff are also experienced city planners.
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BlinkTag operates by consensus as a collective.We foster skill-sharing between planners and technologists on our team and beyond.
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BlinkTag is committed to reuse and libre/open source software. We strive to put publicly-funded code in the public domain.
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BlinkTag adheres to the tenets of user-centered design. Successful design and strategy are informed by users’ wants and needs, rather than assumptions. To that end, before writing any code we listen to our clients. We strive to understand our audience and goals, and allow them to inform every step of the project. We then apply design research tactics, including rapid prototyping, wireframes, iterative development, and contextual inquiry to ensure that our deliverables satisfy both the audience and agency goals. We favor regular communication via check-ins and a collaborative relationship with our client thought partners.

In addition, BlinkTag supports tools that can be reused by the public. This includes both open source (meaning that others can modify and reuse it for their own purpose without cost) and free/libre (additionally, others can never charge for their derivations) licensing.


Our clients have a variety of challenges and constraints, but share a desire for data-driven solutions and meaningful community engagement.

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BlinkTag redesigned a version the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system map provided under a Creative Commons license.


The County Connection

The County Connection (CCCTA) is a bus service provider in Contra Costa County.

myamericanhealthcarestory-Front is a group of concerned citizens who believe that the case for far-reaching healthcare reform is best expressed by the collective voices of the citizens who the current system fails daily.


Irvine Community Land Trust

The Irvine Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization that permanently secures sites for development of affordable homes in Irvine, CA.



TripGenie is a 7-step visual guide that looks up trip generation rates based on place, density, zoning, transit, street grid, sidewalk, bicycle and parking infrastructure information. 



BlinkTag created an internal site for PBS KIDS to showcase best practices in web and mobile development for children.


Fórum Cazenga

Fórum Cazenga displays maps and data related to city planning and development in Luanda, Angola. Topics include water, sanitation, and education and health facilities.


GTFS for County Connection

BlinkTag worked with the County Connection to convert their transit schedule information from an excel spreadsheet into GTFS.


Landscape Urbanism

Landscape Urbanism is a website for and about landscape, architecture, and urbanism. It is a resource and ongoing publication for people interested in cities, landscape, and design.


Solo Kota Kita

Solo Kota Kita is developing tools for neighborhood advocacy and citizen planning in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia.



AMPLab is a UC Berkeley research group focusing on Big Data analytics. The website supports researchers, students, and staff in sharing publications and research.



iBreathe is an iOS application that displays real-time air quality forecasts for the greater Sacramento region on an interactive map



iSmog is an iOS application that displayed air quality forecasts for the Bay Area and notifies the user when the forecast is less than great.


La Conchita Hillside Hazard Mitigation

n April, 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger commissioned a hazard mitigation study in the town of La Conchita, CA, devastated by a landslide two years earlier.



Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency

The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency represents the interests of entities that purchase water on a wholesale basis from the San Francisco regional water system.


DrawerSpeaks is an extension of the Floodwall project, an art installation made of 710 drawers salvaged from post-Katrina debris in New Orleans.


San Francisco Bay View

The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, founded in 1976, is the most widely-read source of political opinion and cultural news for African-Americans in the Bay Area, and is an important network and communication tool for the black


Cornerstone Partnership

The Cornerstone Partnership is a website organizing hundreds of documents, case studies, and publications covering best practices and templates for creating programs that provide affordable housing.


The Shared Equity Homeownership Initiative is a growing network of national, regional and local organizations committed to developing a new model of sustainable and affordable homeownership.


James Perry 2010 hired BlinkTag Inc to build a campaign website and social media presence for the 2010 Mayoral race in New Orleans.


Sustainable Tourism in Krabi, Thailand

As part of a multi-year planning process, the University of California, Berkeley was chosen to lead an investigation of sustainable tourism practices in Krabi Province, Thailand.


Sustainable Transportation in Jiaxing, China

The fast-growing city of Jiaxing, China, commissioned a multidisciplinary study of sustainable transportation planning in the spring of 2007.


BlinkTag was created in 2011 by people who believe that planners should be able to build their own tools. As professionals, we refused to pick planning or technology over the other, and have created a collective of experienced practitioners that embrace collaboration, consensus-making, and skill-sharing. Our clients appreciate our empathy, subject matter expertise, and context-informed approach.

Brendan Nee, Principal

Brendan loves cities and technology. His background in transportation engineering and programming gives him a unique ability to solve planning and transportation problems through web-based maps, open data, interactive tools and APIs. He’s been playing with the web for so long he can remember when Netscape was king and the blink tag rocked his world!

Ruth Miller, Principal

With planning degrees from both MIT and UC Berkeley, Ruth has top academic planner cred. She spent years on transportation policy at a top U.S. planning firm and successfully advocated for better infrastructure at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland. She is on the board of Guerrilla Cartography and travels the world with Aspiration facilitating strategic planning workshops and user-centric technical processes.

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Mike Vattuone, Developer

Mike has long had an interest in how the human mind interprets and interacts with technology.  A self-taught full-stack developer with a degree in cognitive science from UC Berkeley, he takes delight in synthesizing user needs and business goals into meaningful and intuitive interfaces and applications that help rather than hinder. When he isn’t playing with new technology or studying human behavior, he’s probably playing an instrument or writing a song.

Danielle Dai, Designer & Cartographer

Danielle is a transportation “plangineer”, designer, and cartographer based in Oakland, by way of Chicago, New Jersey, and Taipei. She works at the intersection of transportation, art, and technology, with past projects at Muni, UC Berkeley, and Marin Transit. In addition to hacking on various creative projects, Danielle co-organizes MaptimeOAK, reads comic books, and travels the world! She holds Masters degrees in city planning and transportation engineering from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelors degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.

Trucy Phan, Developer and Designer

Trucy is an engineer, front-end web developer, graphic designer, and project manager who also enjoys baking and teaching people Swedish. Previously, Trucy studied Mechanical Engineering at The University of Iowa and Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley, worked at LBL and most recently attended Hacker School. She can code, design and handle just about anything else thrown at her.

Devin Nee, Sound & Video Engineer

Devin’s background is in sound, lighting and video production.   He tackles the audio and video components of BlinkTag projects, as well as makes sure all BlinkTag events are well lit and audible.

Jedidiah Horne, Co-Founder (Emeritus)

Jed is probably the best Ms. Pacman player you’ll ever meet, and definitely the best Ms. Pacman player ever to have driven the Mexico City subway. At MIT, Jed’ spent his time hosting a popular radio program and writing movie reviews for its student-run newspaper (and picked up a little engineering knowledge along the way). He’s worked as a commercial real estate research analyst for Newmark Knight-Frank, studied city planning and transportation engineering as a graduate student at UC Berkeley, and now works Apple Computer. He is no longer directly involved in BlinkTag’s operations. Jed developed a taste for gambling in his native Big Easy, and tries to sneak trips to Reno whenever possible.