BlinkTag redesigned a version the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system map provided under a Creative Commons license.


The County Connection

The County Connection (CCCTA) is a bus service provider in Contra Costa County.

myamericanhealthcarestory-Front is a group of concerned citizens who believe that the case for far-reaching healthcare reform is best expressed by the collective voices of the citizens who the current system fails daily.


Irvine Community Land Trust

The Irvine Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization that permanently secures sites for development of affordable homes in Irvine, CA.



TripGenie is a 7-step visual guide that looks up trip generation rates based on place, density, zoning, transit, street grid, sidewalk, bicycle and parking infrastructure information. 



BlinkTag created an internal site for PBS KIDS to showcase best practices in web and mobile development for children.


Fórum Cazenga

Fórum Cazenga displays maps and data related to city planning and development in Luanda, Angola. Topics include water, sanitation, and education and health facilities.


GTFS for County Connection

BlinkTag worked with the County Connection to convert their transit schedule information from an excel spreadsheet into GTFS.


Landscape Urbanism

Landscape Urbanism is a website for and about landscape, architecture, and urbanism. It is a resource and ongoing publication for people interested in cities, landscape, and design.


Solo Kota Kita

Solo Kota Kita is developing tools for neighborhood advocacy and citizen planning in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia.



AMPLab is a UC Berkeley research group focusing on Big Data analytics. The website supports researchers, students, and staff in sharing publications and research.



iBreathe is an iOS application that displays real-time air quality forecasts for the greater Sacramento region on an interactive map



iSmog is an iOS application that displayed air quality forecasts for the Bay Area and notifies the user when the forecast is less than great.


La Conchita Hillside Hazard Mitigation

n April, 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger commissioned a hazard mitigation study in the town of La Conchita, CA, devastated by a landslide two years earlier.


Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency

The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency represents the interests of entities that purchase water on a wholesale basis from the San Francisco regional water system.


DrawerSpeaks is an extension of the Floodwall project, an art installation made of 710 drawers salvaged from post-Katrina debris in New Orleans.


San Francisco Bay View

The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, founded in 1976, is the most widely-read source of political opinion and cultural news for African-Americans in the Bay Area, and is an important network and communication tool for the black


Cornerstone Partnership

The Cornerstone Partnership is a website organizing hundreds of documents, case studies, and publications covering best practices and templates for creating programs that provide affordable housing.


The Shared Equity Homeownership Initiative is a growing network of national, regional and local organizations committed to developing a new model of sustainable and affordable homeownership.


James Perry 2010 hired BlinkTag Inc to build a campaign website and social media presence for the 2010 Mayoral race in New Orleans.


Sustainable Tourism in Krabi, Thailand

As part of a multi-year planning process, the University of California, Berkeley was chosen to lead an investigation of sustainable tourism practices in Krabi Province, Thailand.


Sustainable Transportation in Jiaxing, China

The fast-growing city of Jiaxing, China, commissioned a multidisciplinary study of sustainable transportation planning in the spring of 2007.