Realtime Digital Signage for San Francisco Bay Ferry

BlinkTag created the signage system used at ferry terminals throughout the Bay Area that shows realtime transit information. Combining service alerts, predictions, cancellations and schedule information into one API that is customized for each sign configuration, passengers riding the San Francisco Bay Ferry can now rely on accurate and concise information at the point where the board vehicles.

Project Objectives:

  • To streamline and improve the accuracy of transit information for Bay Area ferry commuters.
  • To provide a seamless and tailored signage system adaptable to various sign configurations.
  • To empower agency staff with a web-based simulator for managing signage content.

Project Highlights:

1. Real-time Transit Information:
The signage system was designed to integrate transit data, including service alerts, predictions, cancellations, and schedules, into a single, user-friendly API. This ensures that passengers have access to up-to-the-minute information, enabling informed travel decisions.

2. Gate and Queue Guidance:
At the iconic San Francisco Ferry Building, the signage system goes a step further by indicating the appropriate gate for each destination and offering queue instructions. This feature streamlines the boarding process, reducing commuter stress.

3. Web-Based Signage Simulator:
To facilitate efficient management of the information displayed on each sign, we developed a web-based simulator. This tool empowers agency staff to preview and control content, ensuring accurate communication with commuters.

Project Impact:

The signage system has had a profound impact on the Bay Area's ferry commuting experience. Passengers now rely on signage for accurate and timely information, resulting in a smoother and less stressful travel experience. The system has successfully enhanced efficiency and reduced uncertainty at the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Realtime signage at the San Francisco Ferry Building