San Francisco Bay Ferry Ridership Database

Knowing the passenger count on every transit vehicle is something that most transit agencies would love to have. However, for ferry operators, having this count be 100% accurate at all times is essential to comply with U.S. Coast Guard rules.

San Francisco Bay Ferry (known as WETA) sought BlinkTag to develop both web-based reporting procedures for the operators, as well as document the technical specifications for a new analysis dashboard. Instead of issuing an vague RFP, WETA worked with BlinkTag to research an exact technical solution to their problem.

BlinkTag worked with WETA to develop a detailed RFP by conducting on site user interviews, researching WETA's consultants technical requirements, prototyping features, and managing draft documents. We delivered a complete database schema, designed example reports, collected example data sets, and designed validation tests. BlinkTag also advised WETA on distribution channels for the solicitation, having reduced the need for a developer with specific transportation domain experience, thus broadening the qualified applicant pool.

WETA database

With BlinkTag as a technical consultant and present at all vendor interviews, a winner of the RFP was selected. BlinkTag stayed on through the project to help WETA validate the deliverables, advise on technical questions and review the final product.