Solo Kota Kita

Client: Solo Kota Kita is developing tools for neighborhood advocacy and citizen planning in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia. For the first time ever, data was collected, analyzed and made available via interactive maps, downloads, charts and tables. This allowed citizens who participate in musrenbang to access information about how their neighborhood is developing.

Project: BlinkTag Inc developed an interactive map that allows users to explore the census data collected as part of the project. Many different layers of data are available including poverty, health, water and education statistics. Information was compiled on a neighborhood level for the entire city of Solo. Photos were organized for every neighborhood highlighting infrastructure, people and other neighborhood highlights. Neighborhood demographics are pulled into charts and tables, and the original datasets are also made available for anyone wanting to do their own detailed analysis. This is all contained inside of a completely bi-lingual website powered by WordPress which allows the Solo Kota Kita team to easily manage the content in both English and Bahasa.

Solo Kota Kita has been featured in the New York Times, Good Magazine and in Design Observer.


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