SFUSD Permits

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) takes its mission support children and their families very seriously. This includes making school facilities (classrooms, auditoriums, ball fields, and more) available to neighbors, nonprofits, or anyone else outside of the school day. For years, this has been accomplished through a long paper form and many physical signatures. Today, this takes place largely online through an automated application system. Applicants can enroll for accounts online for free, select the spaces and times they want, and generate a quote for the use of the space. Administrators can retrieve, approve, and analyze permit applications.

In addition to building the online system, BlinkTag also worked with SFUSD to overhaul their pricing policy. Today facilities are priced on a cost per square foot, only direct costs of staffing are passed on, and various discounts are given for programs that support SFUSD children and families.

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