Design Your Transit System

Client: Nelson/Nygaard

BlinkTag and Nelson/Nygaard have worked together to build interactive budgeting web applications for over 20 transit agencies. These web-based tools serve two purposes: collecting data on user preferences and educating users about the costs and benefits of investments and improvements in transit systems. Each site is completely customized for the agency based on potential improvements they are considering and the benefit categories they want to measure. The results of the survey are provided to the agency as a CSV file for use in comparing how different groups of transit users prioritize various improvements and investments.

BlinkTag has built Design Your Transit System sites for Long Beach Transit, Boulder Transit, BART, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, Lincoln Transit, Chapel Hill Transit, Foothill Transit, Ohio DOT, Salt Lake City and Fort Worth Transportation Authority, Orange County Transportation Authority, Long Beach Transit and The KauaŹ»i Bus.

An open-source version of the Design Your Transit System survey is available on github.

Example Site:

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