Client: BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit system – a heavy rail network that spans 104 miles and four counties. BART is the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

Project: BART wanted to encourage riders to use BART for non-commute trips, and as part of that effort wanted to market Bay Area attractions and events that were BART accessible. BART has excess capacity outside of peak periods and many local residents do not realize how easy many things are to reach using BART.

BlinkTag worked with BART staff to develop the BARTable program. BlinkTag developed the name, branding, logo and design concept for the BARTable website.

After the design process was complete, BlinkTag built the site using Drupal. The site offers interactive maps of all locations mentioned and a trip planner next to each BARTable item to aid in trip planning. For users who want to explore, it allows searching for events and interesting things near a specific BART station. Users can filter by keyword, and popular locations and events are displayed from both BARTable content and the Yelp API.


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