Walksy.com generates walking tours of San Francisco on the fly

As part of the Google IO Last Call contest I created Walksy.com. Its a mobile app that will create an on-the-fly walking tour of San Francisco with up to 8 stops based on points of interest that I specified. It ended up working pretty well and won me a ticket to Google IO.

I think its actually a useful app, its quick and uses geolocation to grab your location making it one click (after you load the page) to generate a walking tour. It has links to google streetview and offers an elevation profile of the walk and optimizes the route to hit as many points of interest in as little distance as possible. It uses google maps walking directions for the base layer, and it seems to do pretty well with knowing pedestrian paths throughout the city.

I plan to add a few more features in the near future – I didn’t have time to add everything I imagined during the overnight coding challenge:

  • Some way to specify what types of points of interest you’d like to walk by
  • A way to specify roughly how long of a tour you’d like
  • More crazy points of interest based on my experience in SF
  • Extend it to work in other cities where I can get enough points of interest, perhaps using SimpleGeo Places API
  • A way to save your walk so you can come back to it later
  • Descriptions of the points of interest

The code is on github – its currently all client-side using jquery mobile and google maps API, google Fusion tables and other google APIs. Please fork it and add your own ideas or connect it to a different fusion table with your own set of points of interest.

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