Storify officially launches today

Congratulations to Storify, who officially launched today! As of this morning, the Storify public beta became open to the public, allowing anyone to create an account.

What’s Storify? Using a drag and drop method, journalists and writers can quickly collect and filter social media streams to create a story. Storify allows users to curate and publish breaking news that often appears first in social media, but it can also be used to simply curate and organize online content.

Once logged in, you can select a number of different online feeds

We’ve been using it for 511 Contra Costa (511CC) since February, while the service was still in private beta. Compiling content from Twitter, 511CC’s blog, Flickr and other news sources, we wrote weekly blog posts covering Contra Costa County, East Bay and Bay Area news and events in transportation, transit, biking, and air quality.

If you regularly aggregate news or curate online content, consider using Storify to quickly filter and publish the news that matters to you.

Check out our posts every Friday on the 511CC blog, or get your own Stofiy account and join in on the fun.

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