Real time transit displays in Chicago, London, Barcelona and Stockholm

Have you ever wondered how other cities visualize real-time transit data? Here are some photos of real-time displays I spotted in Chicago, London, Barcelona, and Stockholm during the last couple of months while traveling.

Disclaimer: We are pretty big fans of real-time displays here at BlinkTag and have one powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Even though these displays don’t change when those trains or buses arrive, providing the information gives commuters control of their time and allows them to make more informed choices. Should you run to the platform now, or do you have time to grab a coffee because there’s another train 3 minutes behind?

At Chicago’s Argyle Station serving the Red Line, this display was outside of the fare gate and showed upcoming train arrivals, in addition to arrivals for bus lines serving nearby stops, customer alerts, and advertisements.

Real-time display in Chicago for CTA's Red Line

Real-time display in Chicago showing bus arrivals near the Argyle Station

At Chicago’s North/Clybourn station, this real-time display was on the platform showing next trains.

Real-time display on CTA's North/Clybourn Station platform

At London’s Waterloo East Station, on the way to the platforms, I spotted a display listing the next train arrival for each line.

Real-time display at London Waterloo East Station

In Barcelona, real-time displays on platforms updated every second until the train arrived. This photo is from the Girona Station.

Real-time display in Barcelona on the Girona platform

Riding Stockholm’s Tunnelbana, I snapped this real-time display outside of the fare gates at street level. The display was in one of the best locations I’ve seen so far – you don’t have to change your direction of motion or walk out of your way to see when the next train is coming – all you have to do is look up.

Real time transit display in Stockholm outside of Tekniska Högskolan

Another display at the same station showing light rail arrivals:

Stockholm light rail real time display at Tekniska Högskolan

These are real-time displays on commuter train / light rail platforms in Stockholm. The bottom line is always scrolling. This photo is from the Tibble Station in Täby.

Real time display at the Tibble Station (light rail)  in Stockholm

We’d love to see photos of real-time displays showing transit times in your area. Comment with links to photos, or email

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