Street Smarts Diablo

Client: 511 Contra Costa

Project: 511CC delivers grade level-appropriate in-school seminars about street safety through its Street Smarts Diablo program. BlinkTag worked with 511CC to develop simple websites for each program, allowing 511CC to more directly market the offerings by grade level (and preventing high school kids from rolling their eyes at the kindergarten program).

BlinkTag developed distinct and relevant branding guidelines for each of the four programs. Where content was lacking, BlinkTag developed on brand and appropriate language, and helped 511CC round out their descriptive materials consistently across the programs. We used Sketch to mockup the websites, assuring each would meet 511CC’s objectives.

BlinkTag first built the websites in simple HTML/CSS. For the first year, BlinkTag made site updates ourselves. In the second year, BlinkTag rebuilt the websites in WordPress, allowing 511CC to easily make updates themselves, and expanding the template to include a blog for each program for calendar-based updates.


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