Solo Kota Kita SMS

Client: Solo Kota Kita is developing tools for neighborhood advocacy and citizen planning in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia. For the first time ever, data was collected, analyzed and made available via interactive maps, downloads, charts and tables. This allowed citizens who participate in musrenbang to access information about how their neighborhood is developing.

Project: BlinkTag created an SMS survey system for use in collecting data about neighborhoods in Solo, Indonesia. By messaging the neighborhood leaders in each neighborhood, data can be collected quickly and accurately. Previously, data collection was done by hand, which required transcription and a lot of time. “Mobilizing” the survey methodology using SMS reduced data entry costs and increased accuracy.

With the SMS survey system, questions can be sent to all neighborhood leaders via SMS and responses collected immediately. Once an initial survey was complete and phone numbers for neighborhood leader collected, future surveys because much easier and required much less field work.

BlinkTag worked with a local Indonesian telecom to build a survey system that could interface with the Indonesian phone network. After testing the ability to programmatically send and receive SMS messages, Blinktag created a web based survey administration app where Solo Kota Kita staff can create and send questions to neighborhood leaders and also review responses.

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