RFP Support

BlinkTag is committed to seeing our clients implement reliable, sustainable, and successful tools, and that process often begins with the creation of a Request for Proposals (RFP).

A basic RFP lays out what the client needs and asks vendors (like us) to explain how we’ll go about providing a solution. A great RFP gives context, flags unknowns, helps vendors understand how to approach the challenge. A less good RFP forces vendors to guess, which means inflated estimates and a risk of incomplete deliverables.

For any organization seeking advice on how to create an RFP, we highly recommend the RFP Template published by Aspiration, as well the Tool Selection Assistant from The Engine Room. Both pose crucial questions that will make creating the RFP more thought-intensive, but save ten-fold the time and effort over the life of the project.

BlinkTag has also worked directly with clients to develop RFPs, often stepping back to allow other firms to win the final development phase. Most recently, we partnered with the Water Emergency Transport Authority to create the RFP for their new rider data dashboard. We performed a full requirements gathering process, and created example data sets, output reports, and test cases to include in the RFP. By separating the scoping and development phases, WETA now expects to save time and cost over the life of the project.

If this sounds like an area your organization would like to learn more about, contact us for a free consultation or RFP writing workshop.

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