BART Station Access

Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit

BlinkTag has worked with multiple departments within BART, but we especially enjoy working where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, in Customer Access and Accessibility.

Parking Inventory: Thirty-three of BART’s 45 stations provide parking. Over decades of expansions and development, BART’s parking facilities have become more difficult to track: construction projects, “temporary” restripings, and changing designations shift and obscure the total count. As the agency manages these spaces more closely, they needed a new parking inventory. Enter BlinkTag, to walk, count, and map all 45,000 spaces in the system. We then produced a spreadsheet inventory and set of styled maps, allowing BART staff better understand their assets.

(Did you know, Pleasant Hill BART has two spaces numbered 1888?)

Accessible Pathways: Anyone’s first time using a new transit system can be a bit daunting, but especially if you rely on elevators to move around the station. Working with BART and the Center for Independent Living, BlinkTag produced a set of accessible pathway diagrams for all 45 stations (plus the soon to open Warm Springs station). These simplified diagrams describe each station level, train destinations, surface streets, and locations of station agents and elevators: everything a person needs to plan their accessible pathway in advance and confidently navigate the BART system.

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