Our clients have a variety of challenges and constraints, but share a desire for data-driven solutions and meaningful community engagement.

Project Tags and Thumbnails


BlinkTag has developed logos for a variety of projects.

NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

BlinkTag put NACTO's beautifully illustrated and annotated Urban Street Design Guide online through a simple Wordpress site.


iSmog is an iOS application that displayed air quality forecasts for the Bay Area and notifies the user when the forecast is less than great.

DrawerSpeaks is an extension of the Floodwall project, an art installation made of 710 drawers salvaged from post-Katrina debris in New Orleans.

Free and Open Tools

We use free and open software, and strive to make it easier for others to do the same.

San Francisco Bay View

The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper is the most widely-read source of cultural news for African-Americans in the Bay Area.

Cornerstone Partnership

A site organizing hundreds of documents, case studies, and publications covering best practices for creating affordable housing.