BlinkTag adheres to the tenets of both user-centered design and agile development.

We listen to our clients. We strive to center our clients and their users, and do our best to understand their wants, needs, barriers, and opportunities. This allows us to deliver tools that will be easier to implement, use, and maintain.

We also prefer building technology through an iterative approach. We work with our clients to break up big problems into more approachable challenges, to be undertaken one at a time. We apply a range of listening exercises during discovery, including rapid prototyping, wireframes, mockups, and good old fashioned whiteboards. We thoughtfully design and build each iteration, and test thoroughly before sending it to the client for review. Only when the client is satisfied to we move on, ensuring that our deliverables satisfy both the client and their users.

We value usability and reusability, and because we work with many publicly-funded agencies, we prefer to see our work belong to the public through free/libre licenses.
See our work on GitHub.