Notes from Ignite #transpo talk “How to ask your neighbor for a cup of car”

I gave a 5 minute talk at Ignite #transpo for Transportation Camp on Saturday night at the awesome Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 (Thanks WordPress!). It was titled “How to Ask your Neighbor for a cup of car” and it covered Peer-to-peer carsharing, peer-to-peer parking sharing and “smart taxis”. I mentioned a lot of new services in my talk and lot of people asked me about them afterwards – so here is a list of companies I mentioned with links and a few notes on each:


City Carshare

  • San Francisco Bay Area Only
  • Compared to Zipcar: Cheaper per hour, more per mile – good for shorter distance trips within SF, Berkeley and Oakland
  • 179 locations, 313 cars
  • $5.50/hr $.35/mile (depending on plan)


  • Many Location Nationwide
  • Compared to City Carshare: Better for longer distance, shorter duration trips (running to San Jose and back)
  • 231 locations, 810 cars in the Bay Area
  • $7.50 – $12/hr (depending on plan)



  • Launched in San Francisco, Jan 2011
  • Currently free to Join, nearly instant approval via Facebook Connect
  • Supports in person key exchange and iPhone unlock
  • 96 cars (and growing)
  • Diverse array of cars including a Tesla and a Porche 911 Carrara
  • $5-$15/hr on average

Smarter Parking

Park Circa

Primo Spot

  • Launched in 2008
  • Supports New York, Boston and Seattle
  • Shows legal on street parking based on side of street and current time.

Taxis and Car Service


  • Works worldwide – most cars in San Francisco and San Diego
  • No prepayment required
  • Shows real time taxi locations, hail one and watch it come to you
  • Website and iPhone app
  • Bottom-up approach – any driver can use, doesn’t need fleet approval

Taxi Magic

  • Supports many major US cities including SF
  • Trip is paid via app
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry app only
  • Top-down approach – only certain taxi companies are available


  • Car Service (fancy cars)
  • San Francisco and Palo Alto
  • Trip is paid via app
  • iPhone and Android only
  • 1.5 X the cost of a cab
  • Very fast, professional and reliable service

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