Celebrating BART’s 40th anniversary of service

BART logo from 1958, via Eric Fischer (walkingsf) on Flickr

Forty years ago in 1972, BART trains started running for the first time. To mark the transit agency’s 40th anniversary of providing service to the Bay Area, we collected some of our favorite images commemorating the milestone, courtesy of BART.

BART’s first passenger
An artist’s rendering of the Transbay Tube
BART promotions for the start of Saturday Service

BART employees from the 70s:

1970s BART employees
1970s BART employee
1970s BART employees
1970s BART employees


Okay, that’s all old and good, but what’s new? Expect speedier service and newer cars, the addition of a four-bore transbay tube, more stations and an overall extension of the current system.

For more historical BART images, check out BART’s 40th anniversary pinterest board.

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