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Google Transit Layer through Google Maps API

This is a followup to a post we did a while back that showed how to add the Google Transit and Google Bike layer to a google map using the Google Maps API. We’ve updated this with code based on Google Maps Javascript API version 3. Google Maps API v3 now allows you to add […]

Storify officially launches today

Congratulations to Storify, who officially launched today! As of this morning, the Storify public beta became open to the public, allowing anyone to create an account. What’s Storify? Using a drag and drop method, journalists and writers can quickly collect and filter social media streams to create a story. Storify allows users to curate and […] generates walking tours of San Francisco on the fly

As part of the Google IO Last Call contest I created Its a mobile app that will create an on-the-fly walking tour of San Francisco with up to 8 stops based on points of interest that I specified. It ended up working pretty well and won me a ticket to Google IO. I think […]

BlinkTag at Transportation Camp West 2011

This weekend, BlinkTag attended Transportation Camp West 2011, held at Public Works in San Francisco, CA. Here are summaries of what each of us presented: Brendan Nee (Car sharing and P2P parking services) Jed Horne (Extending GTFS) Trucy Phan (How public agencies can use social media) Ruth Miller (BRT, transportation advocacy) Saturday night, BlinkTag co-founder Brendan […]

Notes from Ignite #transpo talk “How to ask your neighbor for a cup of car”

I gave a 5 minute talk at Ignite #transpo for Transportation Camp on Saturday night at the awesome Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 (Thanks WordPress!). It was titled “How to Ask your Neighbor for a cup of car” and it covered Peer-to-peer carsharing, peer-to-peer parking sharing and “smart taxis”. I mentioned a lot of new […]

BlinkTag’s Social Media strategies posted on Open Transportation Blog

Trucy wrote a great post about BlinkTag’s work with social media and transportation for the Open Transportation blog titled “Putting the “Public” Back in Public Transportation: Social Networks for the Car-free“. In the post she goes over examples of what has worked and what hasn’t including examples of blog posts, tweets and facebook strategies. It […]

Bikesy now available in the Chrome Web Store is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Bikesy is the open source bike mapper that BlinkTag developed using graphserver and openstreetmap data. For those of you who haven’t tried bikesy, it lets you choose both a hill tolerance (how much you’d like to reroute to avoid San Francisco’s steep hills) and a safety […]

Disable WordPress 3.1 admin bar for all users except administrators

WordPress 3.1 was released todayand it includes a bunch of nice improvements. The admin bar is very useful, however for some sites you might not want it showing up for all users. You can disable the admin bar from showing up on a user-by-user basis by editing your user preferences (see below). However, this requires […]

Happy 266th Anniversary, Solo! / Selamat Hari Jadi Kota Solo Yang Ke 266

From everyone at BlinkTag, we wish the city of Solo in Indonesia a very Happy 266th Birthday! Today, February 18, 2011, the city of Sukarta (colloquially Solo) is celebrating 266 years since its capital was built by Pakubuwono II on the banks of the Kali (River) Solo. We’re very proud to have worked along with USAID […]

County Connection GTFS is live on Google Maps

BlinkTag worked with the County Connection in Central Contra Costa County to format their schedules and routes into General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). A GTFS file is an open specification that allows a transit agencies schedule and route information to be used by developers in a variety of applications. One of the most popular applications […]

Solo Kota Kita (Indonesian Maps Online)

BlinkTag recently finished a project in Indonesia called Solo Kota Kita. We worked with a team in Indonesia to build a series of interactive maps for the city of Solo, Indonesia. This data was collected for very small regions of the city called “RTs” and complied. The statistics collected included sanitation, education, population and housing […]

WordPress Tutorial Screencasts

BlinkTag team members Caroline Dickie and Preston Theler made a series of short screencasts for 511 Contra Costa on a variety of topics related to using the WordPress admin panel. These will be useful for anyone who is new to WordPress. Adding Tags to a WordPress Post Adding Links to a WordPress Post Adding a […]

BlinkTag’s Social Media work with 511 Contra Costa published in TDM Review

An article was published in the most recent edition of TDM Review, a quarterly publication on transportation demand management published by the Association for Commuter Transportation. The article titled: When Viral is Good – How Social Media Can Engage Travelers and Boost TDM Effectiveness (starting on page 21) goes over the social media strategy that […]

Origins of the BlinkTag

>We named our company after the most hated HTML tag of all time. I just found a desciption of the origin of the BlinkTag by the person who came up with it, Lou Montulli. Its an interesting read, apparently it was meant as an easter egg and was initially undocumented: “I remember thinking that this […]

simple python script and fun with GeoAPI

I had my first opportunity yesterday to play around with the GeoAPI geo-referencing service. Although not quite as intuitive as Google Map’s forward and reverse geocoding services, GoeAPI gives you immediate access to geo-located feeds from Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, plus the ability to create custom neighborhoods (what they called “guids”) for you to query. […]