Landscape Urbanism


The Client: Landscape Urbanism is a website for and about landscape, architecture, and urbanism. It is a resource and ongoing publication for people interested in cities, landscape, and design. The goal of Landscape Urbanism is to promote ongoing conversations among design professionals, clients, educators, public participants, students, stakeholders, philosophers, photographers, artists, travelers, writers, and others interested in the design and configuration of the built environment.

The Project: BlinkTag developed the structure for managing, organizing and displaying a multitude of content types, including publications, forums, and projects. Strategies organize built projects and conceptual work advancing the ideas and practice of landscape architecture and landscape urbanism. Issues built with contributions from multiple authors have content ranging from interviews and opinion pieces to design projects and discussion topics. BlinkTag also provided additional consultation on social media strategies and UI/UX design.

Awards: The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) awarded the Landscape Urbanism website the Honor award for Communication in 2012.

The Site: