Irvine Community Land Trust


The Client: In 2005, the City of Irvine (CA) convened a task force on the affordable housing crisis in southern California. Among the group’s recommendations was the establishment the Community Land Trust, a non-profit organization that permanently secures sites for development of affordable homes. ICLT’s goal is to create 5,000 desperately needed units by 2025.

The Project: ICLT’s primary method of registering tenants is through its website, and the Trust hired Blinktag in 2007 to build their site from the ground up. One of the most important features on the site is a dynamic survey form for prospective clients, which Blinktag developed in concert with Burlington Associates, a nationwide planning consulting firm. With the help of BlinkTag Inc, ICLT launched an online application system that analyzed applicants income and generated confirmation codes they could use when visiting potential homes or inquiring about the status of their application.

The Site: